The relationship between fashion and film is one of history’s greatest love stories; an unassailable partnership that’s lasted over a century.
In my last trip to New York, I was able to capture a day full of fashion in the New York Men’s Day event on the first New York Fashion Week Men’s – #NYMD – I’m the type of filmmaker who doesn’t like to look «unfashionable» (plain shorts, bear, hair mess, smoking, etc, etc…) In my case I «TRY» to always look nice at least. Even if I just go to the trash room just steps from my apartment I’m always ready 🙂 So I’m starting to appreciate a little bit more of fashion and I’ve been going to New York City several times this year, one of the best places to appreciate fashion and cultures. And as you can read on the quote above that I found on an article (you can click on it), Fashion and Film are very close together; the same way as Music and Film, Art and Film, and everything and Film 🙂 So I edited a music fashion video, in which important brands and designers showcased their best of the season. I hope you can see why I got inspired this time. But Fashion is not only gold in New York. Food, Views, and Places are also brilliant. So next, some of my favorite pics from this trip. (note the photobomb in one of them!)