In a quick trip to Key West, Florida, I had the chance to bring with me my Panasonic camera Lumix GH4 and since I’m in the world of film-making I always love to shoot 24 frames per second.

The GH4 is a Micro Fourth Third sensor camera thus it’s more compact than Full Frame sensor cameras, and I like that! Also I think Panasonic (just my thoughts) always try to achieve that film look in their cameras, so they’re always thinking on the film indie world (I remember those times of the DVX100). I mainly use my camera for video, specially in 4K mode.

At first, when people started to shoot movies with DSLr cameras I used to think they were being cheap people, but later I discover it wasn’t that, or not only that 🙂 ; those «pictures» cameras became the reason for me to change to that type of bodies because you get full control and you can get to practice with all those theories you learn at film school. You can have prime lenses, you can manually control aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and all those «terms» you learn; and that «depth of field» you couldn’t get with consumer video cameras because of the sensor size. And that’s why I currently switched to a «cheap» BUT «professional» way of making movies.

So, here is 15 secs, of that footage I captured at Key West, Florida on a 5th of April of 2015.

And some pics, even I should be only taking 24 pics per second!!! 🙂